Wildlife Ranger Challenge 2021

21km Final Ranger Result Leaderboard

And the winners are ...

Please find below our full leaderboard – a huge congratulations to all the ranger teams.

These results have been verified by the WRC panel of judges, except those marked with an *. The official times may vary from the submitted time. This is because the official time is based on time elapsed from start to finish rather than ‘moving time’.

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PositionOrganisation - Protected Area Team NameCountryOfficial Time
1=African People & Wildlife - Tarangire Ecosystem Team ATanzania01:52:16
1=African People & Wildlife - Tarangire Ecosystem Team BTanzania01:52:16
2Old Oyo National Park TeamNigeria02:07:05
3Conservation South Luangwa - South Luangwa QRF TeamZambia02:08:19
4Northern Rangelands Trust - NRT 91 TeamsKenya02:14:44
5Wildlife Conservation Society - Yankari Rangers TeamNigeria02:19:25
6Zambezi DeltaMozambique02:21:00
7Virunga Foundation - Team VirungaDR Congo02:21:37
8Frankfurt Zoological Society - Village Game Scout Team NsumbuZambia02:21:45
9Frankfurt Zoological Society - DNPW Rangers TeamZambia02:22:16
10The Malilangwe Trust - The Malilangwe Scouts TeamZimbabwe02:26:12
11Peace Parks Foundation - Team BanhineMozambique02:27:08
12Lion Landscapes - Ol' Maisor *Kenya02:27:23
13Frankfurt Zoological Society - Workshop Rangers TeamZambia02:32:20
14Conservation Lower Zambezi TeamZambia02:35:00
15Lewa Wildlife Conservancy TeamKenya02:38:22
16Oceans Without Borders Marine Rangers - Vamizi Sale TeamMozambique02:40:17
17Peace Parks Foundation - Team ZinaveMozambique02:47:00
18Ngare Ndare Forest Trust Rangers TeamKenya02:48:43
19Rhino Force TeamZimbabwe02:49:19
20Musekese Conservation TeamZambia02:51:00
21Peace Parks Foundation - Team Maputo Special Reserve Team *Mozambique02:53:00
22Tsavo Trust TeamKenya02:54:03
23Tashinga Initiative - Doma Team *Zimbabwe02:56:00
24Peace Parks Foundation - Team Limpopo National Park (1) *Mozambique02:56:00
25Conservation Through Public Health - Gorilla Guardians *Uganda02:56:00
26Peace Parks Foundation - Team Limpopo National Park (2)Mozambique02:56:10
27Tashinga Initiative - Hurungwe TeamZimbabwe02:56:23
28Chuilexi Conservancy TeamMozambique02:56:41
29Tashinga Initiative - Chewore North - Sapi Team *Zimbabwe02:57:00
30GRI - Musa *Zambia02:57:00
31Wildlife Action Group - Thuma Lions Team *Malawi02:58:00
32Tashinga Initiative - Dande Team *Zimbabwe02:58:00
33Frankfurt Zoological Society - Women Rangers Team *Zambia03:00:00
34UCF - Queen Elizabeth *Uganda03:01:00
35Wildlands Conservation Trust - Somkhanda Rangers Team *South Africa03:02:00
36Peace Parks Foundation - Team Nyika *Malawi03:05:00
37Project Rhino Team *South Africa03:06:00
38ACCF - Karingani SOG TeamMozambique03:08:45
39Bongo Surveillance TeamKenya03:09:00
40UCF - Kidepo Valley *Uganda03:09:00
41Kainji Lake National Park *Nigeria03:10:00
42UCF - Murchison Falls *Uganda03:11:00
43Mount Kenya Trust - Joint Wildlife Protection Team *Kenya03:12:00
44ACCF - Karingani North Team *Mozambique03:12:00
45Painted Dog Conservation - Hwange *Zimbabwe03:17:00
46Conservation and Wildlife Fund (CWF) Team *Zimbabwe03:20:00
47IMPACT Madagascar - Mahajeby Rangers Team A *Madagascar03:23:00
48IMPACT Madagascar - Mahajeby Rangers Team B *Madagascar03:23:00
49Tashinga Initiative - Charara Team *Zimbabwe03:26:00
50Tashinga Initiative- Mana Pools *Zimbabwe03:27:00
51African Nature Investors Foundation - Gashaka Phoenix Team *Nigeria03:28:00
52Calgary Zoo - Avu Lagoon Community PA *Ghana03:28:00
53IAPF - Internationa Anti-Poaching Foundation - Akashinga Team AZimbabwe03:29:00
54Kamuku National Park *Nigeria03:31:00
55Tashinga Initiative - Chewore South Team *Zimbabwe03:32:00
56Peace Parks Foundation - Team Sioma *Zambia03:33:00
57SAWC *South Africa03:33:00
58Peace Parks Foundation - Team Vwaza *Malawi03:34:00
59Afzelia Ltd - Notugre Anti-Poaching Team *Botswana03:35:00
60Transfrontier Africa - Ekuthuleni Conservancy Team *South Africa03:41:00
61Transfrontier Africa - Grietjie Private Game Reserve Team *South Africa03:41:00
62Transfrontier Africa - Olifants West Nature Reserve Team *South Africa03:41:00
63FZS North Luangwa Rhino Stars *Zambia03:52:00
64UCF - Ziwa *Uganda03:59:00
65Rhino Ark - BSP Community Team *Kenya04:02:00
66Rhino Ark - Mau Ebura *Kenya04:02:00
67Luwire Conservancy *Mozambique04:07:00
68Rhino Ark - Eburu Community Fence Team *Kenya04:12:00
69Honeyguide Foundation - Manyara Ranch *Tanzania04:27:00
70Wildlife ACT Fund Trust - Wildlife ACT Monitoring Team *South Africa04:56:00

Honourable Mentions

The following teams are recognised for their phenomenal efforts but unfortunately were not able to get 4 runners complete with their backpacks over the finish line.

Organisation - Protected Area Team NameCountryOfficial Time
SORALO - Team SORALOKenya1:37
Oceans Without Borders Marine Rangers - Benguerra Dugong TeamMozambique1:48
Big Life Foundation - Team Big LifeKenya1.48
Lion Landscapes - SosianKenya2:06
Calgary Zoo - Wechiau Community Hippo Sanctuary TeamGhana2:15
Save the Rhino Trust - Save the Rhino TeamNamibia2:35
Niassa Carnivore Project (NCP) TeamMozambique2:40
C4RC RangersGambia2:41
Game Rangers Association of Africa - GRAA - Gondwana TeamSouth Africa3:29
Wild Chimpanzee Foundation - Taï - Cavally Ranger TeamIvory Coast4:10