Run with Rangers. Race for Wildlife.

Thank you to the 2,000 rangers across 20 countries in Africa and the 2,000 supporters from 80 countries throughout the world who have taken on the Wildlife Ranger Challenge

Your support means greater security, stability and resourcing for the ranger sector in Africa and a brighter future for the wildlife they protect. You can still support wherever you are in the world and at whatever time, between now and 31 October 2020. Donations will also be accepted – and matched until then.

And the Ranger Team Winners Are...

After weeks of training, the The Laikipia Lion Rangers of Lion Landscapes finished the 21km course in just 2 hours and 21 minutes. The Lion Rangers are a partnership between Lion Landscapes and multiple Laikipia ranches and conservancies in Kenya. See the full results here.

The Race Around the World

From Djibouti to Singapore, Bhutan to New Zealand, over 2,000 supporters ran in solidarity with the rangers, raising over half a million pounds ($650,000) along the way.

Check out our Facebook Event for race day highlights, as well as inspiration and stories from around the world, as thousands of rangers and supporters alike joined forces in the event. You can also follow along on Twitter and Instagram using #ForWildifeRangers.

Organizing Partners

Founding Donor

The Scheinberg Relief Fund, a philanthropic fund established by businessman and philanthropist Mark Scheinberg, and his family, in response to the Covid-19 pandemic is the founding donor of the Wildlife Ranger Challenge.

Match Funding Partner

Thank you to the following organizations that are working with the Wildlife Ranger Challenge to provide Covid-19 relief funding to Rangers across Africa.


Lion Gold

$50,000 USD and Above (£50,000 and above) and Bring 100 or More Rangers Back to Work

Elephant Platinum

$100,000 USD and Above (£100,000 and Above) and Bring 200 Rangers or More Back to Work