Wildlife Ranger Time Trial

Wildlife Ranger Time Trial

Can You Train Like A Ranger?

Wildlife rangers can spend up to 18 hours a day outside in challenging terrain, traversing vast and varied landscapes. For their safety and wellbeing, rangers train to keep in peak physical shape. To prepare for the Wildlife Ranger Challenge 21km race on 21st September 2024, our ranger teams will participate in a series of mini challenges, designed to improve and test their physical fitness.

A 2.4km time trail is part of standard ranger training which we have built into the mini challenges in 2024. The idea is that rangers run, without weight, across a short distance to give themselves a measure of how their training is coming along. It is not a qualifying race for the main challenge, but can be used to assess fitness levels. We suggest that times are measured using Strava. The teams can also run with their K9 teams if they wish

Why not see how you match up? Take on the Wildlife Ranger Time Trial Challenge to test your limits! Join in at any time and share your attempt on social media with #ForWildlifeRangers and #TrainlikeARanger. See how you compare to our ranger teams and donate to support their work.

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WRC Time Trial

Wildlife Ranger Time Trial Challenge
2.4km Timed Run without weight
15th July 2024