Wildlife Ranger Pushup Challenge

Wildlife Ranger Pushup Challenge

Can You Train Like A Ranger?

Wildlife rangers can spend up to 18 hours a day outside in challenging terrain, traversing vast and varied landscapes. For their safety and wellbeing, rangers train to keep in peak physical shape. To prepare for the Wildlife Ranger Challenge 21km race on 21st September 2024, our ranger teams will participate in a series of mini challenges, designed to improve and test their physical fitness. During The Pushup Challenge, the teams of four rangers will compete to complete the highest number of full pushups in 2 minutes. This challenge requires physical strength, stamina, grit and determination. The winning team has the highest number of correct push-ups aggregated for all four members.

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WRC23 PushUp Challenge

Wildlife Ranger Pushup Challenge
Most pushups in 2 minutes
12th August 2024

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