Match and Competitor Partner FAQs 2024

Match Partner FAQs

What is a WRC Match Partner?

A Match Partner is invited to take part in the Wildlife Ranger Challenge. This includes entering a team or teams into a series of mini challenges which build to the main challenge, usually held in September. Entry is by invitation only. 

What support will a WRC Match Partner get?

A Match Partner will be given the opportunity to create a fundraising page on the WRC StockCrowd system. Training manuals, media toolkits, and communication plans and webinars will be shared.

How does the Match Fund work?

We have a generous donor who commits significant funds to a match fund. The goal is to unlock this funding, by providing matching funds.

We ask you to raise funds through your own organisation for your rangers. 100% of funds raised by you, either on your WRC StockCrowd fundraising page or through direct donations to Tusk, will go to benefit your organisation, specially ranger based activities.

This is further enhanced by a 25% match up to $50,000. (i.e. an organisation that manages to raise $200,000 will receive $250,000). The remaining 75% of the match unlocked by your fund-raising efforts will be allocated to the Ranger Fund.

What is the Ranger Fund?

The Ranger Fund is distributed at the end of each year across the WRC Match Partners, based on need. The criteria for Ranger Fund applications are as follows.

The WRC will fund requests that meet the following criteria and are deemed essential to operations and ranger support/welfare:

  • Ranger salaries
  • Ranger benefits and wellbeing (rations, death and disability insurance, medical evacuation cover etc)
  • Ranger equipment (uniforms, boots, patrol kit, first aid kits, radios, communication devices, tracking equipment etc)
  • Ranger training (basic training, human rights, first aid)
  • Ranger logistical support (limited vehicle running costs, fuel (at a maximum of 10% of budget).

The WRC will not fund:

  • Large capital items
  • Gym equipment
  • Research
  • Non ranger related support and expenses

Competitor Partner FAQs

What is a WRC Competitor Partner?

A Competitor Partner applies to take part and enter a team or teams into the main 21km challenge and compete against rangers across the continent.

Your teams are welcome to take part in our WRC regional events which are held in locations across Africa, this is a chance to compete in person with other teams.

What support will a WRC Competitor Partner get?

As a Competitor Partner you won’t have access to the Ranger Fund or the fundraising platforms as per Match Fund partners, as this is a limited fund and we have to restrict the number of applicants. Only the Match Fund partners can access WRC fundraising and the match pot.

However, please do use the WRC to raise awareness of your rangers, their work and the impact they have across the continent. It also gives your rangers a chance to be part of a larger movement, meet rangers from other parts of the continent and compete.

Competitor partners can benefit from the positive communications, camaraderie and competitive spirit which is the core of the WRC and has made it so successful.

Can a Competitor Partner become a Match Partner?

We review Match Fund partners on an annual basis so we look to see the level of engagement of Competitor Partners to see if any can be moved into the Match category.