Wildlife Ranger 21km Challenge

Wildlife Ranger 21km Challenge

The Wildlife Ranger Challenge campaign connects thousands of rangers from 24 African nations with many thousands of supporters from more than 90 countries around the world – uniting the global north and the global south in a common cause. 

On 21st September 2024 more than 100 ranger teams spanning the diverse and varied terrains of Africa’s protected areas will compete in a coordinated 21km race across their respective landscapes carrying 22kg of kit. They will be joined by supporters from around the globe, running in solidarity #ForWildlifeRangers. 

The rangers that participate in the Wildlife Ranger Challenge reflect the great diversity within the sector, with many playing wide-ranging roles as conservationists, teachers, community support workers and leaders.

The Wildlife Ranger Challenge brings together competitors around common goals:

  • To raise vital funds for frontline conservation efforts
  • To drive awareness of the importance of the rangering profession
  • To communicate the challenges that rangers face 

Follow the campaign on social media @Tusk_org and with #ForWildlifeRangers  

You can also donate directly to our ranger fund, helping us secure a thriving future for the ranger profession and the wildlife it protects. 

Train Like A Ranger

Wildlife rangers are required to stay at the top of their physical and mental game. Their vital work takes them into challenging environments and conditions. For their safety and wellbeing rangers train to keep in peak physical shape.

Ahead of race day, ranger teams spanning the African continent will compete in a series of mental and physical challenges, preparing for their 21km half marathon on 21st September 2024.

Ranger Quiz

Wildlife Ranger Quiz
Testing ranger knowledge

Sit-Up Challenge

Wildlife Ranger Time Trial Challenge
2.4km Timed Run without weight

Push-Up Challenge

Wildlife Ranger Pushup Challenge
Most push-ups in 2 minutes

Sit-Up Challenge

Wildlife Ranger Situp Challenge
Most sit-ups in 2 minutes

Map of Ranger Teams 2024

Organising Partners

Funding Partners

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The Scheinberg Relief Fund, a philanthropic fund established by businessman and philanthropist Mark Scheinberg and his family, in response to the Covid-19 pandemic, is the founding donor of the Wildlife Ranger Challenge

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Media enquiries

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