Uniting to Support Africa’s Rangers

Years of conservation efforts are about to be lost. Wildlife Rangers across Africa are facing drastic cuts in salaries and resources, leaving their families destitute and wildlife helpless against poachers.

Covid-19 has brought tourism revenue to a halt. Wildlife Ranger teams are now uniting around the Wildlife Ranger Challenge, a running race with one goal: to raise money to support thousands of rangers and protect iconic African wildlife such as elephants, pangolins, rhinos, and lions. Now is the time to go the extra mile—it’s time to race to support our rangers.

Latest News

HRH Prince William: “The wildlife rangers of Africa’s protected areas are the unsung heroes of conservation, achieving so much, against the odds. The impact of the Covid-19 pandemic means that many rangers are working even harder, with increasingly depleted funds. It is more important than ever that rangers across Africa have the support they need to carry on their vital work. I am therefore delighted that this new ranger fund will help the protected areas that need it the most and keep rangers deployed in the field."

Race with Rangers


Rangers across Africa are enduring drastic cuts in salaries and resources due to the devastating economic impact of Covid-19. Now, ranger teams around the continent are uniting for the Wildlife Ranger Challenge to raise vital funds and support for those on the conservation frontline. You too can effect change by showing your appreciation for these everyday heroes. On October 3rd, lace up your shoes and walk or run virtually with more than 200 African Wildlife Rangers. Count each step as a move toward bringing ranger teams back up to pre Covid-19 capacity. Every step you take in solidarity will be logged and seen by the rangers participating in the challenge.

How It Works

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Wildlife Rangers across Africa are the guardians of wildlife and ecosystems. Give today and your donation will be matched by the Scheinberg Relief Fund, amplifying your impact to bring thousands of frontline Wildlife Rangers back to the field.


Organizing Partners

Founding Donor

The Scheinberg Relief Fund, a philanthropic fund established by businessman and philanthropist Mark Scheinberg, and his family, in response to the Covid-19 pandemic is the founding donor of the Wildlife Ranger Challenge.

Sponsors and Collaborators

Lion Gold

$50,000 USD and Above (£50,000 and above) and Bring 100 or More Rangers Back to Work

Rhino Silver

$25,000 USD (£25,000) and Bring 50 or More Rangers Back to Work

Pangolin Bronze

$10,000 USD (£10,000) and Bring 25 or More Rangers Back to Work

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